House Conversions Greenwich

House Conversions Greenwich

Are you planning a house conversion project in Greenwich? A house conversion will allow you to maximise existing space, provide additional rooms or functional areas and without the need for a physical expansion. House conversions also adapt well to changing lifestyles and family dynamics, providing a flexible solution that evolves with your needs over time.

Expand your living space

Compared to constructing new additions, house conversions often prove to be a more cost-effective solution, making it a budget-friendly option for increasing living space.

Unlike traditional extensions, house conversions typically utilise existing structures, preserving outdoor areas and landscaping while still meeting the need for extra space.

Converted spaces can be customised to suit various needs, such as home offices, guest rooms, playrooms, or even independent living quarters, offering versatility in usage.

Well-executed house conversions in Greenwich can significantly increase the overall value of a property, providing a return on investment and enhancing market appeal.



  • Loft Conversion

    Transforming an underutilised attic space into a functional living area, typically used for an extra bedroom, office, or recreational space.

  • Basement Conversion

    Re-purposing an existing basement into habitable space, often used for home theatres, playrooms, gyms, or additional living quarters.

  • Garage Conversion

    Converting a garage into living space creates opportunities for home offices, guest suites, or expanding existing living areas.

create functional rooms

When considering house conversions in Greenwich, numerous avenues exist to optimise the newfound space within your home.

Stress Free House Conversions

Embark on your dream house conversion journey in Greenwich. Commence with a complimentary consultation where our expert builders attentively listen to your ideas and aspirations. Subsequently, you will receive a no-obligation free quotation, ensuring transparency in costs.

When you’re prepared to move forward, our skilled professionals will meticulously craft detailed plans tailored to your vision, incorporating every detail to perfection.

In our commitment to providing a seamless and efficient house conversion experience, we establish and agree upon project timescales, allowing you to plan with confidence.

what our clients have to say

“I’m happy with this project. It wasn’t without its challenges, uncovering issues are expected with such a big refurbishment, but we took it in our stride and still managed to meet our time and financial budget targets”

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Examples of our work

We have undertaken projects on many residential properties in Greenwich and the surrounding areas.  Our primary expertise lies in home conversions and extensions as well as complete home refurbishments and renovations.  Take a look at a recent article ‘In What Order Do You Renovate a House’  

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House Conversions in Greenwich

We Always Take Good Care of Your Property

During very house building project, dust and debris can create a mess. However, we will always prioritise the protection of your home, including your house's carpets, doorframes, and soft furnishings.

No walkway, staircase, or doorframe is left vulnerable to damage, ensuring that the adjoining rooms and walkways remain unharmed.

We take complete responsibility for removing and disposing of all waste materials and debris once the project is complete to ensure a tidy and safe environment for you.

Comprehensive In-House Trade Skills

We provide comprehensive a wealth of trade expertise to transform your home.  Our team is experienced in planning and design through to the practical implementations, ensuring a harmonious and high-quality project.

From the artistry of tiling and decorating to the precision of carpentry and the intricacies of electrical and plumbing work, we cover it all.   With a keen focus on meticulous planning and precise installations, we turn your vision into a reality, using experienced trades people who create spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional.